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I Can Fix Anything

For a Price

1/2/15 07:51 pm - How's my driving?

So, tell me what you think!

All comments screened.

12/5/10 12:38 am - nightfall_rp Profile and Permissions

[Character Name] Winry Rockbell
[Canon] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Timeline/Point Taken from Canon] Manga - chapter 104

[Age] Approximately sixteen years
[Gender] Female

[Eye Color] Blue
[Hair Color] Wheaten blond
[Height] Approximately 5’3”, maybe a little shorter.
[Weight/Build] Slender but curvy; long legs. She’s a muscular girl, despite that. Winry is probably around 115 – 120 lbs.
[Other] Has earring piercings; two in her left ear, four in her right.
[Clothing] Wears sundresses, miniskirts and sometimes can be seen in capris or coveralls. At present/upon arrival, she is wearing a sundress with a t-shirt under it and a work apron.

Generally appears to be a sweet, happy girl. She is. However, she packs a temper, is protective of those she cares about, has a moral compass the width and breadth of Amestris and is happiest when she’s doing something to help people. Winry is strong willed but also easily flustered when it comes to her own emotions. She has admitted, at least to herself, that she loves Edward Elric. She also considers Alphonse Elric to be her little brother, too. She likes children, gadgetry and dogs. Can be a bit naïve – Winry appears to have no knowledge of personal safety.

Winry is an excellent mechanic/engineer. She is wicked scary and probably a genius when it comes to her field of automail (bioelectrical prostheses). It can be assumed she knows how to forge metal and design weaponry from metal, as well as designing and creating prostheses. Winry learns quickly and has an aptitude for general mechanics. She also has self-taught herself some medicine, hence her ability to help deliver a baby.
Winry has an uncanny aim, at least with a wrench. She can fling one from nearly anywhere and be assured of hitting her mark.

[Affection] Hugging, hand holding and kissing on the cheek is fine. Check with me for anything beyond that.

[Fighting] Winry is not a fighter! Her protective tendencies come more from taking on someone by yelling at them. She might slap someone, or punch someone, and she’s pretty strong, so she might knock someone down or take them back a step, but she really isn’t the fighter type.

[Mun Limits] None, really? I write original and fan-fic with sex, blood, gore, murders, rapine, war, etc. Trust me, I can handle it.

[Mun Advice] Don’t insult her friends/family and expect her to not take offense.

[Other Facts] Her parents were killed when she was very young and Winry was raised by her grandmother. She lost a secondary mother figure in Trisha Elric, and her friends, the Elric Brothers, began keeping secrets afterward as they began searching for a way to bring their mother back to life. Winry is not keen on secrets because of this. She is a worrier – she hates her friends being involved in anything dangerous. Winry doesn’t always consider her own safety and sometimes charges in when she should stay back. She can be a good listener, but be prepared for her version of the cold hard truth if you ask her advice.

[Link to full bio]

8/3/10 09:51 am - Three Ficlets from secondcityrpg

Note: All written for secondcityrpg, for the Drabble Meme.

Prompt: Automail Woes

Winry ran her hands over the toolbox before using her thumbs to flip the latches up. She pushed the lid open, looking inside at the array of tools, all in perfect order, all gleaming, shiny and new. Lifting the tray, she surveyed the rows of socket heads with their wrench, star drivers, screwdrivers. Winry picked up the three-sixteenths socket, holding it up to eye level and looking through it before setting it back in its place. She replaced the tray and closed the lid, latching the toolbox closed.

New tools, all perfect for working on automail.

And there was no automail to work on.

* * *

Prompts: A snowplow, a mask, and some carrots

"Perfect, Thomas, thanks." Winry waved at him, knowing her voice wouldn't carry.

Cutting the engine to the snowplow, he leaned his elbows out the window of his Hummer. "I don't suppose you'd like to give me a clue what you're doing?"

Winry hummed to herself, starting rolling the snow. She pushed down the scarf she was using to mask her mouth, to keep the air warm as it entered her lungs. "Making a snow man. Why else would I ask you to bring me carrots?"

note: Thomas is Thomas Raith, another character in Second City.

* * *

Prompts: Apple Pie and Ice Cream

The apple pie sat on the counter, steaming softly. At the table, Winry leaned her chin in her hand, waiting for the scent to bring them thundering into the kitchen. "Al? Ed?" she called, when she didn't hear them coming. "I made pie. I even got you ice cream, Al."

The apartment remained silent, no cheerful voices, no one shouting that he'd be right there.

Winry stared at the pie, watching as it cooled and eventually stopped steaming before she rose, pushing her chair back under the table carefully, and left the room.

* * *

6/11/10 08:46 pm - Application for secondcityrpg

[OOC Information]
Name: S J
Age: Can I just say ‘old enough’ and leave it at that?
AIM / E-mail / LiveJournal: No AIM but you can reach me on YIM at belvederegtx67; on Gchat at belvederegtx67; on LJ at evil_little_dog.
What characters do you play here already, if any? N/A

[IC Information]
Character Name: Winry Rockbell
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist (Manga-based)
Gender: Female
Age: Between 16 – 17 years

Species: Human

What have you done to your automail this time?Collapse )

4/17/10 08:27 am - Note:

Anything prior to this post was for gateways_2_dawn.

11/27/07 09:48 pm - Huh?

I woke up a little early and borrowed this from cornerofmadness - anagram generator.

I don't think I like my anagram: 

'nowhere winry'
anagrams to
'Wry, new heroin.'

10/8/07 07:32 pm - GRRRRRR

I guess I should get ready to go to the martial arts class.  I'm just going to sit and watch with Willow and Athena, though.  ...And I guess once it's over, I'll talk to Ed. 

Oh.  And we're supposed to go out in the woods tonight, too.  Wonder how we can slip past Ara, since she'll be at the class?  Hmmm, something to think about.  A mystery, like Haru'd say. 

9/6/07 06:52 am - Over here, Goku!

Other things to ask me?  Um...well, I remember sleeping in class a lot when I was a kid. Funny, I don't remember going to class much after my eleventh birthday.  Isn't that weird?  Granny home schooled me.  

8/29/07 09:46 pm - Note to Self:

...Do not ever, ever, ever let Edward Elric mess around with his prostheses.  

Goku, if you want to continue our conversation, I'm here! 

8/23/07 09:43 pm - Squee!

I love my new journal layout!  Thank you, Ed! 
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